XTA help Indian Reality Show create the ultimate Sound

High-quality XTA Distribution Mic System supports show

Posted 4th May 2011

XTA help Indian Reality Show create the ultimate Sound

Roshni Audiomatics are a rental company based in Bombay, they were approached by the production team of an up-coming reality TV show called Shaadi Teen Crore Ki.

Shaadi Teen Crore Ki, follows a groom who plans his own wedding, similar to the UK series ‘Don’t tell the Bride’.  The normal average wedding budget for an Indian family is 8000 Rupees, but the show gives the groom 1.5 Million Rupees.  The audience watches him organise his dream wedding from start to finish, creating a magical day he could only have dreamed of before.

Roshni Audiomatics, contacted Paxt Ltd’s Indian distributor, Premier Industrial Importers, with whom they have had a strong relationship over the last 10 years.  They required a high quality mic distribution system, so they invested in 10 x XTA DS800. 

Hugo Feighery, Sales Manager for Paxt Ltd said, “Premier do a great job representing XTA across India through their extensive network of partners and long established relationships. They are achieving some great sales with high profile projects and humbly attribute much of their success to the high quality and strong brand heritage of XTA.”

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