Praise and Worship concert goes extravaganza with Allen & Heath

The dLive S7000 makes its Debut in Kenya

Posted 23rd June 2017

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Trublaq Entertainment organised the third annual Gospel Extravaganza in Kenya. The Praise and Worship concert featured international gospel singer Dr Ron Kenoly and also other Kenyan artists including Esther Wahome, Size 8 ,Willy Paul, Solomon Mkubwa, Mercy Masika, and Pitson.

The event required a reliable audio controller, with the help of Sound Creations the Paxt Ltd distributor in Kenya, the dLive S7000 control surface was used. The surface is the largest in the dLive family, with 216 assignable fader strips. It features 36 faders over 6 layers, dual 12″ capacitive touchscreens and the innovative Harmony UI for the fastest workflow in the industry.

Mr Edwin Martin, lead sound engineer at the concert said, “I am overwhelmed by the functionality of the dLive S7000, this is the best desk I have worked with”.

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