Estonian National Museum Opens Using QSC Sound System

RGB Baltic Install Q-SYS as Main Control System

Posted 22nd December 2016

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One of the central expositions of the new Estonian National Museum building encompasses a sound installation that represents sounds of nature from around the year. The soundscape designer Taavi Tulev created the sound installation for the Finno-Ugric exhibit, which covers nearly 1000 square meters and uses 126 speakers to emit sound from 140 channels. According to Taavi Tulev, the artist who designed the sound installation, the exhibit offers visitors a unique spatial sound experience that is unlike any other previously experienced in Estonia and other neighbouring countries. “At this exhibit, the sound exists in a symbiosis with the rest of the material that can be viewed and experienced – the ambient sound makes everything that is static come alive. The result is that the visitor is transported quite nicely to the time and place that the exhibit portrays. The natural background makes the visitors forget that they are in a museum, amongst old things,” explained Tulev, who also went on to confirm that extra attention was paid to small sound details, which will definitely provide the visitors with surprising moments.

The technical solution for the installation was completed by RGB Baltic, it is based on the central QSC Q-Sys Core 1100 device, which controls all of the transmitted sound, plays audio files, receives impulses from the exposition sensors and also communicates with the light management devices. For amplification, we used the QSC CX series models with 8 and 4 channels, which are in a two-way connection with the central Q-Sys control device. To create a general atmosphere, there are a total of 45 QSC AD-Ci52ST speakers integrated into the ceilings. For the exhibit sounds and sound effects, we used the QSC AD series, K Array, Monacori, RSF and Amina speakers, including 39 “invisible” Amina plaster-over speakers.

Complete list of QSC installed:

2x Core 1100 + MTP-128 + MD-L 6x Core I/O Frame 8s 10x Ciml4 4x Col4 32x Codp4 8x CX108V 7x CX168 1x CX404 45x AD-Ci52ST 1x AD-S28Tw 2x AD-S52

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