Hard Rock Cafe Tbilisi Rocks with QSC

A complete QSC system is installed into major brand.

Posted 28th November 2016

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Hard Rock Cafe Tbilisi is located within a restored wine factory, which was originally built in 1896 by famous Georgian industrialist and philanthropist David Sarajisvili, who is known as the founder of brandy production in Georgia. Located steps away from Casino Sakartvelo in the historical Vera District of Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia), the cafe combines the modern style of the Hard Rock brand with a sense of local history.

The café required a sound system which could supply coverage in three different areas, the stage area, indoor seating area and outdoor veranda. After discussions with Mifasi, a system integrator based in Georgia, the QSC Q-SYS was recommended which is an audio routing and control system. This allows the audio sources to be routed exactly as required, with nearly limitless processing power for EQ, compression, and other DSP, whilst remaining easy to use for the staff.

The installation begun in July 2016, and took seven days to complete. The products installed were:

Stage Area 4 x K10 1000W active, portable loudspeaker, 4 x KLA12 12” powered line array speaker, 2 x KLA181 18” powered subwoofer, 2 x M10 Kit-C M10 forged-shoulder steel eyebolt kit and 2 x KW181 Cover.

Seating areas 16 x AD-S6t 6” 2-way 70/100v Loudspeaker and 8 x AD-S112-sw 12" Surface subwoofer,

AMP rack 1 x QSC CORE 110f Q-SYS Central Processor, 1 x MD-110 Media Drive Kit and 2 x CXD4.3Q 4 x 600w 70/100v Amplifier

Levan Ostaevi, Marketing Manager of Mifasi said, “We offered the Hard Rock Cafe a complete QSC solution which would meet all their demands” Levan went onto say, “ The café is completely satisfied with the result and it has been well recevied by staff & customers”

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